Saturday, October 10, 2009

The changing of the seasons

Fall is finally noticeably here, marked by cooler weather and shortened days. Soon the leaves will be changing (and perhaps they have already begun in some locales). In Japan this is called 紅葉 (kōyō). I particularly like this kanji construction: 紅 (crimson) and 葉 (leaf).

For a while now I've enjoyed fall - especially in Japan. The oppressive summer heat yields to cool breezes and out comes the hoodie; autumn aromas replace the perspiration-accented smells of summer. But for me, autumn is always accompanied by a certain inexplicable sense of impending loss and isolation, perhaps because I dislike the winter. This is compounded by the fact that Japanese springs and autumns tend to seem extremely transitory, giving way to summer and winter with minimal resistance. I suppose there's nothing to be done, though, aside from enjoying the fall while it's here.

Although I don't look forward to winter, I will say this - some degree of consolation will be found in the withering, frosty death of the mosquito population.